STYLE EDIT: It's a beige MOODD.

Minimalistic design and silver tone to help bring equanimity, peace, wholeness, harmony, stability, calmness and the like to simplicity.



"The message behind the protea has been the same for centuries: always be courageous and always let your uniqueness shine. Give protea as an uplifting gift, someone who is about to start a new job or move to a new city. "






When it comes to accessorising for a minimalistic wear, we prefer the item fall under a few possible categories: chic and versatile, silver, genderless and memorable.





Alexandra wears Handmade Braided Hoops and Braided Necklace





There’s a reason we doubled down on our Handmade Braided Hoops and Braided Necklace, a minimal effort for maximum impact. The creamy softness of the cashmere cardigan complements the sleek lines of the hoops for a look that’s timeless with a twist. It’s fancy yet effortless, demure yet down to earth.